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Playlist: Elvis Presley's Birthday

Compiled By: PRX Editors

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Curated Playlist

The King's birthday is Jan. 8.

Below are picks chosen by PRX editorial staff. You can see more pieces about Elvis Presley by using our search.

HV080- Elvis Aaron Presley

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Hearing Voices series | 53:58

A Birthday Party fit for a King, with fans, friends, religion and rockin'.


Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices Elvis Presley (born Jan 8 1935 Tupelo, Mississippi; died Aug 16 1977 Memphis, Tennesse), a 75th Birthday Party fit for a King, with fans, friends, religion and rockin':

"Elvis 75 (excerpts) Joyride Media

Interviews from the Elvis archives, and new ones with Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires (Elvis' backup singers) and Elvis friends (aka, Memphis Mafia) Jerry Schilling and Patty Parry. Produced by Paul Chuffo and Joshua Jackson of Joyride Media, for the Sony Elvis 75 project, which has more music and interviews. Also check Joyride's other Elvis hours: The Early Years, In Memphis, and He Touched Me- Elvis Gospel Music.

"Good Rockin' Tonight" (excerpt) Elvis Presley

From 1954, the second Sun Records release by Elvis Presley. Taken from the box Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight.

"Elvis Cop" (5:36) Adam Allington

Chuck Denault is a Police Officer for the small town of Kittery, Maine. He has two passions;: Serving the community he lives in and being the best possible Elvis Impersonator he can be. In April of 2003 the producer went for a squad car ride-along for some behind the scenes aspects of law enforcement and Elvis.

"That's Alright Mama" (excerpt) Elvis Presley

In August 1954 Elvis performed his brand new single on the Louisiana Hayride. Taken from the collection The Legend Begins.

"Elvis Fans" (excerpts) Elvis Presley

"Elvis Fans' Comments/Opening Riff" and "Elvis Fans' Comments III" from 1977 Elvis In Concert.

"Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Laughing version)" (2:53) Elvis Presley

Special Bonus Track on the 1982 collection Hitstory- The Story Continues.

"Gillian Welch- 'Elvis Presley Blues'" (2:45) Musicians in their Own Words

The singer expounds her biographical song "Elvis Presley Blues". Producer by David Schulman for MITOW series (site | NPR | PRX).

"I Got a Woman" (excerpt) Elvis Presley

His on-stage intro to the song, 1977 Elvis In Concert.

"Baby King" (excerpts) The Residents

"Blue Suede Shoes" and the five-part allegorical "Baby King" story from the 1989 tribute, The King & Eye.

"Music Highway: Searching for Elvis" (8:34) Long Haul Productions

Conversations with Elvis worshipers. pilgrims going to Graceland on Highway 40. From Dan Collison & Elizabeth Meister 1997 series Bus Stories.

"Chocalate Elvis" (excerpt) Tosca

Elvis electronica from Tosca's 1989 Opera CD.

"Elvis Everywhere" (3:41) Kronos Quartet

On-stage impersonators mix with classical stringed instruments, from the Kronos compilation Released 1985-1995 / Unreleased, composed by Michael Daugherty.

"Norman, Like Elvis" (1:19) Scott Carrier

Norman, from Ocean City, Maryland, "sings like Elvis and all that".

"Elvis' Father" (0:52) Elvis Presley

From "Closing Riff- Special Message From Elvis' Father", a track on Elvis In Concert.

"Merry Christmas Elvis" (2:31) Michele Cody

A 1978 song-poem found at UbuWeb's 365 Days Project.

"Strung Out King" (2:57) Go Home Productions

Mark Vidler mashes up an on-stage meltdown with music by The Farm, their song "Steppin' Stone".

"Elvis is Everywhere" (excerpt) Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper

Mojo & Skid's Bo-Day-Shus!!! 1987 classic.

Elvis Presley: Young Man With The Big Beat

From Joyride Media | Part of the I Am An Elvis Fan series | 01:00:00

A look into the year that Elvis became a national star.


1956 was the year Elvis Presley became a household name.  The national spotlight turned on the 21 year old singer, and his life changed forever.  Elvis had a new record deal, his first movie deal and a brand new manager named Colonel Tom Parker.

In this one-hour radio special you'll hear about what happened that year from Elvis and the Colonel, plus band members, friends and historians.

Elvis Presley - He Touched Me: Elvis' Gospel Music

From Joyride Media | Part of the I Am An Elvis Fan series | 59:05

One hour radio documentary highlights the gospel music Elvis recorded throughout his career.

Ultimategospel_1__small HE TOUCHED ME: ELVIS' GOSPEL MUSIC One-hour radio documentary about Elvis Presley's love for Gospel music, his roots in the church, and the stories behind his greatest Gospel recordings and performances. "Religion always played an important part of Elvis' life and quest of his purpose in life. He was a searcher of knowledge and is a much more intelligent person than has been documented in history so far." - Jerry Schilling MANY OF THE CLASSIC IMAGES OF ELVIS PRESLEY INVOLVE SOME SORT OF HIP SHAKING AND KNEE WOBBLING. AFTER ALL, HE WAS THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL, AND WHAT HE ACCOMPLISHED IN HIS SHORT LIFE CHANGED MUSIC FOREVER. BUT ALL THROUGH HIS CAREER, THERE WAS A SECOND TRACK. ELVIS WON THREE GRAMMYS IN HIS LIFE, AND NONE OF THEM FOR ROCK AND ROLL. ALL THREE WERE FOR RELIGIOUS RECORDINGS. ELVIS SANG A LOT OF GOSPEL MUSIC, AND IN THE NEXT HOUR, WE'RE GOING TO HEAR HOW DEEP THOSE GOSPEL ROOTS RAN. WE'RE JOINED BY LIFELONG FRIEND AND ASSOCIATE JERRY SCHILLING, JOE MOSCHEO OF THE IMPERIALS QUARTET AND GORDON STOKER OF THE JORDANAIRES. Broadcast window begins on Friday April 6, in time for Easter weekend, and continues throughout the year in honor of the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. Throughout this special, you will hear 20 of Elvis' best gospel recordings from all stages of his career. Songs are listed below (* = music bed or excerpt). *So High *Crying in the Chapel Swing Low, Sweet Chariot If the Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side *I, John Where Could I Go But To The Lord Milky White Way *His Hand in Mine Run On *Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho Take My Hand, Precious Lord Peace in the Valley *In My Father's House He Touched Me *Mansion on the Hill Amazing Grace You'll Never Walk Alone *Somebody Bigger Than You and I Bosom of Abraham *How Great Thou Art *So High All music is also featured on the new 2-CD set "Elvis Presley: Ultimate Gospel" in stores now from Sony BMG Music.

Elvis: The Early Years

From Joyride Media | Part of the I Am An Elvis Fan series | 59:00

An inside look at the rise of Elvis Presley from a young boy to an American Icon.

Elvispresley004_1__small Elvis grows from his childhood in Tupelo and Memphis to become, at various times, the King of Rock & Roll, a threat to America's moral fiber, an honorable soldier serving his country, and one of Hollywood's biggest film stars. Close friends (Jerry Schilling, Patty Parry) and historians (Pete Guralnick, Ernst Jorgensen) detail his earliest influences, struggles and successes on his path to stardom alongside Elvis' own words and some of his best known recordings. As his popularity grew, he consistently earned more respect from those who initial saw him as a threat to American youth. By the 1960s, Elvis was the ultimate symbol of goodness, thanks to his two years in the army and his dizzying production schedule of 31 movies in eight years.

From Elvis In Memphis

From Joyride Media | Part of the I Am An Elvis Fan series | 59:00

After a 13 year absence, Elvis returned to his hometown and created one his most highly acclaimed albums.

Elvismemphis69_small FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS takes your listeners inside these recording sessions, which many believe to be His finest recordings since leaving Sun Records.  Over a two-week span in early 1969, producer Chips Moman and his “Memphis Boys” studio band backed Elvis on a mix of pop, country and R&B tunes unlike any other Elvis Presley recordings. 

These highly productive sessions produced the original FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS album, as well as the singles
"Suspicious Minds," "In the Ghetto" and "Kentucky Rain" – three of Elvis’ three most played songs on radio stations today.

Interview subjects include producer Chips Moman and a few of the musicians from these recordings - Reggie Young, Bobby Wood, Bobby Emmons, Donna Jean Godchaux, and Gene Chrisman.

Elvis: Viva Las Vegas

From Joyride Media | Part of the I Am An Elvis Fan series | 59:00

After 8 years away from live performance, Elvis Presley made up for lost time.

Elvisvegas_small Much of Elvis' early success stemmed from his electrifying live performances on stages around the world. That all changed with the movie deals, and the filming and recording schedules that left no time for concerts. Eventually, he grew unhappy with the movies, and returned to the stage in a big way - the legendary 1968 Comeback TV Special. As only Elvis can do, he then followed that up with something even bigger - Las Vegas. His string of sold out shows at the International and Hilton Hotels revolutionized the concert business at Vegas casinos, leading to the spectacles that are common today. These events were both large and intimate, and allowed Elvis to explore a unique, emotional repertoire of songs from many genres. Unfortunately, this creative moment was offset by his demons that were certainly not helped by Vegas' 24-hour casino culture. In addition to those also interviewed for The Early Years, Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and Presley's backup singer, Cissy Houston, also add insightful comments about Elvis' Las Vegas years.


From Adam Allington | 05:36

Officer Chuck Denault explains what it means to be a respectful "Elvis" impersonator

Adam Allington

Gross1_small Chuck Denault is a Police Officer for the small town of Kittery, Maine. He is deeply serious about two things; Serving the people and community he lives in and being the best possible "Elvis" Impersonator he can be. In April of 2003 he took me for a drive in the squad car and shed light on some of the behind the scenes apects of both law enforcement and Elvis Impersonating. Aired in March 2004 on WNYC's The Next Big Thing

Elvis in Asia

From Jacob Adelman | 04:59

Asia's Elvis fan club meets in Hong Kong.

Default-piece-image-2 Elvis impersonators are an established part of Americana, one that usually gets little respect. But that hasn't stopped the King's fans in Asia from slipping into sequined jumpsuits and swiveling their hips on stage. Thousands of miles from Memphis, these guys can croon with the best of them. This piece drops in on a banquet and concert in Hong Kong where Asian Elvis fans gathered to see performances by impersonators from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. This piece has not been broadcast.

Elvis Presley: Prince From Another Planet

From Joyride Media | 58:00

Highlights from Elvis' one and only appearance in New York City.


In June of 1972, Elvis Presley performed his first concerts in New York City – filling up four Madison Square Garden shows over three days.  It would also be his last appearance there.  A New York Times review said that Elvis was “like a prince from another planet…a champion, the only one in his class.”

In this one hour radio special, you’ll hear live performances from Elvis’ MSG performances, and talk with band members James Burton and Glen Hardin, audience members, friends, and journalists who covered the shows.