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Independent Minds: Winston Churchill -- Into the Storm

From Murray Street Productions | Part of the Independent Minds series | 57:29

Winston Churchill -- known for powerful prose, undaunted persistence, and uncompromising ideals -- led Britain against all odds, to overcome the Nazi's mighty military and its stranglehold on Europe.


Independent Minds: Into the Storm   follows Churchill into World War II  -- from his appointment as Prime Minister through the victory of the Allies to his defeat at the hands of a grateful nation. 

Join host David D’Arcy with historians, John Keegan, John Lukacs; journalists Michael Lind, Gretchen Rubin, actor Brendan Gleeson, screenwriter Hugh Whitemore and politico Patrick Buchanan. Laced with Churchill’s original speeches, newsreels, newscasts, and dramatic sequences from the new HBO Churchill film, Independent Minds: Into the Storm captures the sweep and irony of history. Engaging anytime. Perfect for broadcast on Memorial Day Weekend.  

Independent Minds: Grey Gardens

From Murray Street Productions | Part of the Independent Minds series | 57:28

Revisit the cultural legacy of Grey Gardens, the decayed mansion of “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale; two women who lived far outside their high society birthright.

Edie_house_prx_small Grey Gardens, the decayed East Hampton mansion of “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale, stood in stark contrast to the Camelot of their Kennedy cousins.  Their idiosyncrasies have been the subject of articles, a documentary film, a Broadway show and an upcoming HBO film.
This Independent Minds special shares their story through the perspective of filmmakers Albert Maysles, Susan Froemke, Muffie Meyer; journalist Gail Sheehy; fashion editor Bill Norwich; current resident Sally Quinn; and HBO film director Michael Sucsy.  In dramatic sequences featuring Drew Barrymore as Little Edie and Jessica Lange as Big Edie, we revisit the real life story and cultural legacy of two women living far outside their high-society birthright.

Independent Minds: John Adams (news-friendly without dates)

From Murray Street Productions | Part of the Independent Minds series | 58:37

One hour doc. focusing on the life of America's second president

Johnadams-prx_small John Adams, champion of the American Revolution, instrumental in the drafting of the Constitution, and second President of our young Republic, was a study in contrasts. This extremely public citizen and charismatic speaker reserved his most intimate thoughts for a remarkable 60-year correspondence with his wife Abigail. Despite Adams' huge influence and our unique knowledge of him, there are few monuments in his honor. Independent Minds: John Adams offers an engaging hour long glimpse into our nation's forgotten father and the trials he faced constructing a nation. Featuring preeminent historians, journalists and politicos including: David McCullough, Richard Brookhiser, Joseph Ellis, Kirk Ellis, John Ferling, Joanne Freeman, Paul Giamatti, Gary Hart, Tom Hooper, Caroline Keinath, Ed Larson, Laura Linney, David Morse, Cokie Roberts and Tom Wilkinson.

Independent Minds: Richard Russo

From Murray Street Productions | Part of the Independent Minds series | 56:05

Richard Russo, Elmore Leonard, John Updike, Paul Newman, et al, on transforming novels to film.

Russopage_small Focusing on Richard Russo's "Empire Falls" and other novels brought to screen, host David D'Arcy talks to Russo, John Irving ("The Cider House Rules"), Russell Banks ("The Sweet Hereafter"), Rick Moody ("The Ice Storm") and others who've watched their worlds transformed into celluloid - sometimes collaborating in the process. With director Fred Schepisi and the actors who bring Richard Russo's characters to life in "Empire Falls" we get the backstory. Join us on the journey from page to screen on the next "Independent Minds." Richard Russo, Fred Shepisi, Paul Newman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Helen Hunt, Estelle Parsons, John Updike, John Irving, James Schamus, Rick Moody, Robert Benton, David Thomson, Julie Salamon, Russell Banks and Elmore Leonard.