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  • Location: Washington, DC

Next Generation Radio is a series of hands-on radio training projects co-sponsored by NPR and non-profit media/journalist organziations. The projects are designed to give undergraduate, graduate and 1st year professionals, an opportunity to report and produce their own radio story. Prior radio experience is not required.
Also, a profesional journalist is assigned to the participant and serves as the participant's mentor during the project. Additionally, during each project we have sessions in recording techniques, writing, voice and on-air presentation, and audio production. Each participant and mentor produces one story as part of a team of people producing a newsmagazine.
So far, we have placed over 50 past participants in public radio whether at NPR or around the public radio system. Yes, we target young people who want to become public radio journalists. We are especially targeting (but not exclusively) minority journalists.


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NPR's "next gen radio" spent a week in Kansas City in late October 2008 at the National College Media annual conference.

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Pieces conceived, reported, written, edited and produced by college journalists


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Batman returns this summer in a movie and in an online game

  • Added: Aug 12, 2008
  • Length: 03:46
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Four years after Williams settlement, students join to clean up their own school

  • Added: May 09, 2008
  • Length: 04:35
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Budding reporter learns a lesson in "reporting."

  • Added: May 09, 2008
  • Length: 04:15
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Who decided on the name of that band and why that name?

Bought by WRVO Public Media and WAMC Northeast Public Radio

  • Added: Apr 01, 2008
  • Length: 03:24
  • Purchases: 2
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Matt Allen goes to music festivals and gives away ice cream

  • Added: Apr 01, 2008
  • Length: 04:10
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Texas politics and the Democratic Primary

  • Added: Mar 31, 2008
  • Length: 04:02
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Man obsesses overlearning the dance moves to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

  • Added: Feb 01, 2008
  • Length: 02:07
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Finding a spouse and maintaining respect for Islamic tradition

Bought by WAMC Northeast Public Radio and Interfaith Voices

  • Added: Jan 24, 2008
  • Length: 03:34
  • Purchases: 2
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Scientists study if if true that women like men with deeper voices

Bought by WHYY and 90.5 WSNC

  • Added: Jan 04, 2008
  • Length: 03:10
  • Purchases: 2

  • Added: Aug 30, 2007
  • Length: 03:52